Surveillance Systems

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Security Cameras Systems

Video surveillance system is widely accepted by both homeowners and business owners all over the world to minimize the possibility of any loss or damage to property due to theft and burglary.

Security Camera Systems, Video Surveillance Systems or CCTV Systems are all common names used for electronic systems comprised of security cameras, video recorders and other equipment used in viewing and recording events. Although the first security camera systems were limited and costly, systems today are used for a home / office surveilance as well as for a wide variety of applications including medical imagery, robotics, traffic control, production line monitoring and more.

Our Security Cameras Systems are well known for its simple and cost effective design, easy to use interface and high redundancy. From simple systems for small shops and offices to the complex outdoor night vision systems for residential areas, hotels and resorts, they are all compatible with most known computer and mobile platforms, and can be seen and managed from any place with internet access.

Prior to any installation our technicians will check the location and clear up details like:

  • What capabilities should you be looking for in a camera and recording system
  • do you need wired or wireless camera system (Network Security System)*
  • What type of surveillance cameras do you need (infrared, weatherproof etc)
  • How many locations do you want to watch
  • Places where cameras can be mounted
  • What is the lighting in the target area
  • What options are available for digital video recorders (DVR)*
  • Where will the central recording device be located

* Network Security System – Also known as IP Video Surveillance, these are the newest and state-of-art breed for systems. Greater versatility is provided through use of network security cameras and IP cameras. This is our preffered system.

* Digital Video System  –  These systems primarily record output from digital cameras to computer hard drives called Digital Video Records (DVRs)