PC & Laptop Repair

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PC & Laptop repair services

For over 15 years, PCE Bavaro has been providing Bavaro – Punta Cana area with quality, affordable PC Repair services. If you are looking for fast and professional computing help for your home or office, you can trust PC Emergency.

We specialize both in hardware and software troubleshooting and to date haven’t found a computer problem that we ultimately haven’t been able to resolve. We have an excellent track record that is hard to match and compare.

PC repair solutions

At PC Emergency, we offer a complete range of repairs including same day repairs and maintenance of PCs, laptops and Macs. Our professional PC computer repair services includes solutions for all software and hardware problems, network and cable issues.

We fix with all faults associated with your PC such as hard disk failures, software issues, data recovery, viruses and internet connection issues. We help to transform your out of date, low performance PCs to the most modern standard specifications.

Reliable IT solutions and services

Our hallmark features when it comes to PC repair services include:

  • Certified and experienced IT technicians
  • Extensive parts inventory
  • Fast and friendly service
  • We follow a “No fix, No fee” policy

We undertake the repair of almost all the components of your PC or laptop:

  • Carry out hard disk data recovery
  • Organize data backup
  • Operating system installation and upgrades
  • Server setup
  • Sort out your firewall configurations
  • Virus removal and repair
  • Spyware removal and prevention
  • PC / Laptop preventive maintenance
  • Cleaning windows registry
  • Defragmentation of hard disk
  • Repair system file errors
  • Resolving compatibility issues with hardware peripherals
  • Improve the speed of your network connections
  • Improve your overall system performance

We are purchasing hardware components on eBay and Amazon so you can be sure that only new parts are used.
Some of the most ordered components for PC and laptop and requests for installation, upgrade or replacement are LCD Screen, Memory, Hard Disk, Keyboard, Batteries, Adapters, Web Camera / Microphone + Audio set.