Data Recovery

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery has become increasingly important today due to heavy reliance on computers for data storage. We are gradually becoming a paperless world with increasing amounts of data being stored as soft copies. A large part of our functional lives depends on data stored in computers.

Earlier, if data get lost, it was difficult to recover it and price was up to the roof. However, due to existence of modern data recovery techniques and specialized software, it has become easier and more affordable to handle this problem.

Expert and fast data recovery services in Bavaro

PC Emergency is specialized in professional and fast data recovery.

We are able to recover data from:

  • Internal and external Hard Drives, all major brands
  • Apple computers and related devices like iPhones and iPods
  • Micro / Mini / SD Cards used in mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS navigation devices etc
  • USB drives, jump drives and USB-powered devices
  • Laptops, regardless of operating system, age or brand
  • Computers that fail to turn on or operate inefficiently

Logical Data Recovery

Logical recovery is necessary when the hard drive data is lost after an accidental deletion or a corrupted partition table or files system on the hard disk. It can also happen after malicious attacks on the system or viruses. If the data hasn’t been overwritten, the data becomes retrievable. Our technicians will extract the raw files from the hard drive and rebuild the data.

Diagnosing the type of data recovery required

Once the hard drive is received in our repair centre, our technicians will run a diagnostics on the drive. They start by checking if the drive spins, check for clicking noises coming from the drive etc. The next step is to run a disk doctor utility to identify the condition of the hard drive. This will allow us to know what type of data recovery is required physical or logical.