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Custom Builts

PC Emergency is specialized in custom built PCs design, depending on your professional or personal needs.  Work Stations, Hi End Gaming PCs, Small Business Servers, we are here to build them for you at affordable price with our full tech support included.

With any major company that sells computers you are also paying for the brand, so to speak. You are paying extra just because you bought from those companies. Their overall quality is questionable because those companies use cheaper parts to be able to make bigger profit margin.
If you customize your computer with your custom ordered parts you will get a price that you want and in the end you get the computer that is best for you.

We are specialized for custom configurations by specific user group (business man, student, gamer etc) or standard configuration, setup with currently best hardware parts available on the market, ready to deliver the exceptional performance, speed and overall excellent results for any task.

A modern computer is a complex system of interdependent components. The performance of all components in the system is often limited by the capability of the least common denominator. In other words, you can’t have a top performance graphics PC by installing the latest graphics card (GPU) without also having a CPU powerful enough to keep the GPU pipelines busy with work, and fast memory within which to work.

The difficulty is really in selecting the right parts that will all fit together and also work together. Even experienced vendors and system builders get it wrong with all the tools and support they have. Although in some ways its never been easier to build your own PC, there have also never been so many choices and therefore pitfalls.

In PCE Bavaro you will get most relevant information about the latest high end graphics card, solid state hard drive and other vital components for your future ultimate system. We are ready to meet you in our office, talk about needs and options, order parts for desired configuration directly on Amazon and eBay and make your quality and cost effective custom built PC.